Rules & Regulations

  1. The hours of operation of the Brimmer Street Garage Condominium shall be from 6:30 AM to 12:00 midnight, Sunday through Thursday, and 6:30 AM to 1:00 AM on Friday to Saturday. There will be no access to the Garage outside of those hours.
  2. All parking of vehicles shall be done by the parking attendants, and not by the licensee. Keys will be removed from all vehicles parkeds on the first floor of the garage. Cars being moved from the second and third floors can only be driven by garage employees.
  3. Each licensee is to provide a second ignition key (back-up key) for each vehicle regularly parked in the Garage.
  4. Licensees are requested to notify the Garage ten to fifteen minutes prior to the time their vehicle is needed so that an attendant will have the vehicle ready for the licensee.
  5. Guests must be pre-announced via a verbal notification from the licensee to the Garage supervisor indicating the name of the guest and the approximate time of arrival.
    The Trustees have instructed Garage management that the total number of vehicles that can be parked in the facility shall not exceed 151. If a licensee’s guest cause this capacity limit to be exceeded, the Garage attendants are authorized to politely decline the licensee’s request for guest parking
    Licensees  will be billed through the monthly invoice system for guest parking. No cash payments are allowed for guest parking
  6. Vehicles cannot be removed from Garage by any agent or contractor of the licensee without prior written notice to Garage management.
  7. In reporting damage to a vehicle or any property loss which the licensee believes was caused while the licensee’s vehicle was in the Garage, the licensee should immediately notify the Garage manager. In addition, within forty eight hours, the licensee should describe the damage or loss in writing via a letter to the Garage manage with a copy to the Board of Trustees.
  8. The Trustees will from time to time prohibit certain sized vehicles from being parked in the Garage. This restriction is due to the size and weight capacity limits of the elevators and the parking space constraints on the first floor.
    At the present time, trucks of any size, including so called “light” pick-up vehicles cannot be parked in the Garage. Also, Hummer vehicles of any size are prohibited. The exact specifications are detailed in Section 3 or the “Parking License Agreement”
  9. Due to the height limitations of the elevators and car lifts the Garage cannot accomodate any vehicles with roof-top or rear attachments.
  10. The Trustees shall allocate gasoline supplies in any manner they see fit, including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing; minimum purchases, maximum purchases, first come – first serve, or allocation of specific amounts to each licensee. Cash payments for gas are not allowed. Licensees will be billed for the gas purchases through the monthly invoice system.
  11. Without the prior written approval of the Trustees, no activities shall be conducted or permitted to be conducted by licensees and no property shall be kept in the common areas which will increase the rate of insurance on the Garage. No activities shall be conducted and no property shall be kept in the common areas which will result in the cancelation of the insurance on the premises, or which could be in violation of any law.
  12. All monthly charges shall be paid to the Trustees or their designated agents only. The Trust and the Trustees accept no responsibility for any payments made to unauthorized persons.
  13. No licensee shall send any employees of the Trust out of the Condominium on a private business.
  14. These Rules and Regulations may, from time to time, be amended, modified or otherwise changed by the Trustees. For purposes hereof, a notice of such amendment, modification or change conspicuously posted outside the Garage attendant’s office shall be deemed notice to all